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How to be a Great Leader? Actually a Great Man

Have you ever thought about it ? What are the characteristics that make a simple man a Great Leader- a Great Man ? And what are those Magnetic Waves required to be a Great Leader ? These are some questions arises in mind when somebody wishes to be like his/her ideal Leader.

Well, it is not a very difficult thing to find out. Look into daily life of your ideal leader and study all his history. You will find some points that will be different from yours. Leaders always have some unique qualities that are not usually found in common man.

What makes a great leader ?

So what are those qualities and How to be a Great Leader? Lets have a look on “Top 10 Qualities of a great leader” that would surely make you a Great Leader, a Great Man:

Top 10 Qualities of a great leader :

1- Be Humanitarian

Be Humanitarian: Great Leader
Be Humanitarian

The First Step: The most important thing for a Great Leader- Great Man is to be Humanitarian first. All the Great Leaders in the history of mankind were truly Humanitarians. While those Leaders who enjoyed brutality and killing innocent people, are notorious and history doesn’t love that kind of so called leaders. So love human beings and other creatures of universe.

2- Big Vision

Big Vision: Great Leader
Big Vision

Second Step: Think about what you want to do ? Being a Great Leader you must have a Big Big Vision. Now what is this Vision ? It is a foresight and imagination, that is a Leader can see future things in present. It can be simply defined as “WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE HOW FUTURE SHOULD BE.” Visionary man can lead the people in right direction.

3- Big Ambitions

Big Ambitions
Big Ambitions

Third Step: You must have Big Ambitions to be a Great Leader. Small ambitions make you a small man but only big ambitions can make you a big leader.

4- Planning (Road Map)

Planning: Great Leader

Fourth Step: Do planning to achieve your set ambitions and vision. Draw a road map through which you can move forward to your destiny.

5- Avoid Lazy Lifestyle

Avoid Lazy Lifestyle: Great Leader
Avoid Lazy Lifestyle

Fifth Step: Laziness and easiness make you Rusty. So completely avoid this kind of lifestyle. Just ignite your passion to do right things with full devotion. Engage with people and do work as for as you have potential to do.

6- Self Analysis (Soul Searching)

Self Analysis: Great Leader
Self Analysis

Sixth Step: Do your self analysis time to time. Find your mistakes and gaps. Accept those mistakes and gaps with wholeheartedly and make corrections to improve yourself. Each day after a day you will be better and better than before. You will reach near Perfection.

7- Take Challenges

Take Challenges: Great Leader
Take Challenges

Seventh Step: Without taking challenges you may not be able to fight for big troubles in your life. So take risks. You might be succeed or you will learn a way of not getting success.

8- Control over Fear

Control over Fear
Control over Fear

Eighth Step: There are two types of minds: Fear of Failure Minds and Champions Mind. Fear limits your potential while Champions mind look forward to success. So take over fear.

9- Timely Decision

Timely Decision: Great Leader
Timely Decision

Ninth Step: Right Decision on Right time is a good quality of a Great Leader. Letting things delay, is just waste of your precious time. So do on time decisions.

10- Determination


Tenth Step: A Great Leader says, “Never Compromise on Vision, Compromise for achieving Visions.” You should have flexibility in yourself for achieving your goal but never ever leave your Vision behind. Once you set your Vision after believing on it then stick with your vision with full determination.

These 10 Steps will change your life. You will not only become a Great Leader but a Great Man also.

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