What is Bitmoji? And is it safe to use Bitmoji?

Bitmoji is a popular library which can be used in keyboards that allows users to create a unique personalized avatar based on their own facial features. This human-like avatar can then be incorporated into custom-made emojis known as Bitmojis, which users send to their friends like they do regular emojis. Bitmoji is Owned by the same company that owns Snapchat. Bitmoji is actually an app which ranks as one of the most downloaded Android apps on play store. This is because of Snapchat uses Bitmoji. Have you ever wished that you could use a personalized cartoon image on social media? Thanks to Bitmoji, it’s easier than you think.

What is Bitmoji in reality?

What is bitmoji

Bitmoji is a brand from the company Bitstrips. Bitstrips was a media and technology company based in Toronto, Canada. Founded in 2007 by Jacob Blackstock, David Kennedy, Shahan Panth, Dorian Baldwin, and Jesse Brown. the company’s web application,, allowed users to create comic strips using personalized avatars, and preset templates and poses. Once emojis became more popular and found their place online in various chat apps, Bitstrips realized the potential. The company created a separate app called Bitmoji in 2014, designed to specialize in these emojis. The big apps were quick to notice the potential in Bitmoji: In 2016, Snapchat’s parent company, Snap Inc., bought Bitstrips, shut it down, and began running Bitmoji as a sole division. Snapchat acquired this company in 2016.

The basic premise of Bitmoji is that you create a cartoon version of yourself that you can use across a variety of web-based services from Snapchat to Gmail and beyond. It’s all about adding some fun to your communications. You’ll find no real productivity-minded features here.

Bitmoji’s app is a secondary social media app that people use to create little cartoon versions of themselves, which they then use on their various social media accounts. It’s a very simple service: You simply create an avatar of yourself, and assemble various comics, GIFs, expressions, and reactions that use this avatar. Then, when you are communicating with someone in a chat or email, you can use your Bitmoji to express yourself. That’s it!

What is Bitmoji used for?

Purpose of Bitmoji is to just convert your desired image into a cute cartoon. People started using it instead of pre-designed cartoons and emojis provided by different platforms. In nut shell, Bitmoji lets you create a cartoon avatar of yourself. Upload your own picture and cartoonify it. You can then use your avatar as a consistent profile picture across all your favorite apps. Bitmoji is available in the Chrome Web Store, and there’s a Bitmoji app available for Android and iOS. You can also access your Bitmoji account via a web app.

How to use it?

One can use Bitmoji on any of platform, either he is on Anrdoid, Desktop or on IOS.

Some of the top apps and services that offer integration with Bitmoji include:

This list is hardly exhaustive; the Bitmoji keyboard works with any app that supports copy and paste, so you’ll be able to take your avatar pretty much anywhere you go virtually.

While Snapchat may own the company, you can still use Bitmoji on a variety of platforms. They are available on Facebook, Gboard, iMessage, and even work-oriented apps like Slack. Bitmoji are also Chrome-friendly and work with Gmail as well. You can also use bitmojis on chrome by downloading chrome extension for bitmoji. There are also a few unique uses for Bitmoji that Snapchat is trying out, such as Bitmoji for games

Note that you do not need Snapchat to use Bitmoji. It’s a separate app that you can download for iOS or Android. However, if you do use Bitmoji with Snapchat, you gain access to Friendmoji, which are personalized little Bitmoji between you and a close friend, which is neat.

The ultimate goal is to create a Bitmoji keyboard with all your favorite Bitmoji stickers on it, so you can quickly bring it up and use them in the middle of a conversation. They offer an option to enable this keyboard in its settings.

Branded bitmoji

Bitmoji is free to use, they apply charges for certain clothing packs, especially specific event clothing packs that celebrate specific people, teams, or holidays. Usually, these only cost around $1. Otherwise, there’s no cost associated with using it at this time.

Best Bitmoji Outfits

You can choose best bitmoji outfits in your Bitmoji app. Mix and Match is the feature dedicated to our fashionistas! You can style your Bitmoji avatar exactly how you want to see. You can choose:

  • New tops to choose from: crop tops, sweaters, and even bodysuits! 
  • New bottoms to pair with: jeans, skirts, and shorts
  • Multiple shoe styles, socks, and outerwear to complete your look
  • Tons of outfit possibilities!

Is it safe to use Bitmoji?

Well the app, library which is providing the Bitmoji in your keyboard can track your typing content. However, library itself can’t read anything that you are typing, it just needs to be connected to your app to work. Theoretically, this could make it easier for hackers to gain access to your data, but no one has ever hacked Bitmoji like this that we know of.

May be, Bitmoji itself collecting a bit of extra information from Snap-related apps, according to its own privacy policy. That means if you use Snapchat or other Snap apps, Bitmoji may be collecting some behavior data from you, which Snapchat may 


Bitmoji is a fun — and for the most part, free — way to jazz up your texts and messages, and getting the hang of it is easy. Now that you understand the ins and outs of using this avatar, go forth and share silly versions of yourself.

  1. What is bitmoji?

    Bitmoji is used to convert image into cute cartoon. One can use it instead of pre-designed smiley & emojis of different platforms

  2. What does a Bitmoji do?

    People use to convert image into cute cartoon. Bitmoji let you create your own comic strips using a personalized cartoon avatar of yourself.

  3. Is Bitmoji app safe?

    In short so far Yes, library itself can’t read anything that you are typing, it just needs to be connected to your app to work. But Theoretically, this could make it easier for hackers to gain access to your data, but no one has ever hacked Bitmoji like this that we know of.

  4. Are Bitmojis free?

    Yes, its free to use but partially. Its available for android, IOS and even on google chrome as an extension.

  5. Can I create my own Bitmoji?

    Yes, Bitmoji lets you create a cartoon avatar of yourself. It allows you to create a Bitmoji keyboard with all your favorite Bitmoji stickers on it. Its available on chrome, anrdoid, IOS, specially SnapChat

  6. What's relation of Bitmoji with Snapchat?

    Well, Snpachat owns Bitmoji now. To use Friendmoji stickers, you must first link Bitmoji with your Snapchat account. Both you and your friend must have their Bitmoji

  7. Can i use Bitmoji on WhatsApp?

    Yes you can use bitmoji on whatsApp. You will need to install bitmoji keyboard app, and link it with your mobile keyboard. learn how to use bitmoji on whatsapp?


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