What is Child Abuse? | How to Protect your Child from Abuse?

Child Abuse and neglect is a major social concern affecting children, their families and society. There is at least 1 in 7 children, experienced child abuse and neglect in last year. This rate is 5 times higher in children with low socio-economic status families as compared to high socio-economic status families.1 While in developing & underdeveloped countries the rate of child abuse and neglect is far more than in developed countries.

CDC categorizes four types of child abuse and neglects:

1- Physical Abuse- is the deliberate use of physical force that can result in hitting, pulling, shaking, burning, or other evidence of force against a kid.

2- Sexual Abuse- includes putting pressure on or forcing a kid to commit sexual acts. It involves behaviors such as fondling, penetration, and other sexual activity exposure of a baby. After this, child suffer “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder“.

3- Emotional Abuse– relates to conduct that harms the self-worth or emotional well-being of a child. Examples include the calling of names, shaming, rejection, retention of affection, and threats.

4- Neglect- is the failure to satisfy the fundamental mental and physical requirements of a child. These requirements include housing, food, apparel, education, and medical care access.

What to do at Parents end ?

Fulfill Physiological Needs

  • Responsibly provide food, shelter and apparels to child.
  • Provide best possible healthcare to child.
  • Take care of other physiological needs efficiently and timely provide all what your child needs.

Fulfill Emotional Needs

  • Take care of not only Physiological needs but Emotional needs.
  • Spend time with your children.
  • Go to the level of Child’s Mind.
  • Beware of Child’s Company (with whom and how your child is spending time?).
  • Teach your Children what are the Private Body Parts ?
  • Tell child Don’t allow anyone to touch these Private Body Parts.
  • Educate child Don’t touch any one’s Private Body Parts.
  • Listen and investigate even small problemIdentify feelings and needs.
  • Solve the problem immediately.
  • Check mood variations of your child. (If child is reluctant to go to school or a person, know the reason.)
  • If Child is resistant to go and interact someone (neighbor, guest, relatives) don’t force child to do that.

Report Child Abuse

If unfortunately, your child suffer from Abuse, don’t hesitate, REPORT it immediately.

What to do at Government end ?

  • Make Strict Legislation on Child Abuse
  • Take Solid Actions against guilty and implement Zero Tolerance strategy.
  • Add Modern Technology to identify Pre-Crime and in investigation.
  • Cascade awareness campaign to all citizens to avoid such problems.
  • Education- Incorporate this awareness in educational courses of primary education.
  • Encourage and make easy marriages (without high financial burdens).
  • Make all families financially strong enough to achieve their basic needs at least.
  • Engage all the youth in productive work – It is compulsory to do any work (that contributes to progress and prosperity of a country) he/she wants.
  • Enhance Parenting Skills through proper training programsLicensing and Accreditation.

Public Opinion on Child Abuse

What are people saying about Child Abuse ? What are they experiencing ? And what are they thinking about its root cause and solution ?

The schools really need to be better trained to handle problems.

Lucy Lott- From Athens, Georgia

I have 2 daughters. Myself and both of my daughters have been sexually assaulted. One by a family member. The system doesn’t protect victims, it creates them.

Lori Welch- From Cameron, North Carolina

Child abuse is just because of the problem due to sick minded people. Its like the social illness as a lot of other problems in our society. It needs a new commitment, will, laws and enforcement institutions to overcome this issue.

Saleem Iqbal- Pharmacist in Norway

Frustration of every kind, psycho-social, financial, sexual (Late marriages), social unacceptably and above all loop holes in implementation of Laws. You can’t hang a person even if you arrest them red handed. I think strategy should be somewhat like Iran and Afghanistan to cope with this issue. Both countries took strict actions and penalized in public.

Bilal Khan- Field Officer in Pakistan

Children need to be told it’s OK to tell an adult. Some kids tell someone they trust and are called a liar. Always encourage your child to tell someone.

Anita Burns- From London, United Kingdom

The sad is that this is growing (abuse) in places even we suppose to feel that they are there to protects. It has been documented and I witnessed it and treated to be silent by talking about new allegations come up and child got traumatized by after all abuse physically and emotionally she has experienced and no one seems to care.

Jean Claude Ndayambaje- Lives in Cape Town, Western Cape

The cause of Child Abuse is Just money. They are selling videos on dark web. Government should make a strong law and it should be implement on immediate basis.

Muhammad Asim- Social Activist in Pakistan

I think in these cases, parents need proper pre-parenting training.they need to know that every child deserves the protection from those disgusting people from their life & only the parents can do that.and it’s their right.the children should be taught its okay to talk about the harassment ,it’s not something to be ashamed of.they deserve happiness.

Monira- From Bangladesh

Opinion on NGO’s Performance

The first step to stopping Child Abuse in Canada is the annihilation of the organization that abuses children on mass: The Children’s Aid Society.
It’s remarkable how the CAS can have children beaten, raped, tortured, starved, neglected, locked into basements, fed dog food, denied medical care and violated in the most disgusting ways. And they are protected by their own Private Gestapo (Attorney General’s Office) and an army of SS (our Police Departments). I would like to point out that the CAS makes the Catholic Church look child friendly, and I know this because all of the things listed above happened to me while I was a Crown Ward.

Andrew Hardcastle- Health inspector in Canada

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