When I look around me people talking about Independence and celebrating it with full enthusiasm. And when I see the whole world, most of the countries are declared as independent countries and some as independent states. But one question incite me to think whether all these people are Independent ? whether all these countries and states are independent ? And what does independence really mean ?

Most of the people might have no clarity about the word “Independence”. According to Collins Dictionary someone’s independence is the fact that they do not rely on other people. While Independence of a country means it has its own government and is not ruled by any other country.1

The word “Independence” has two parts itself “In-Dependence”. Its literal meaning is “not depending on others”. When we think about what does independence really mean ? we are thinking about Self-sufficiency, self-reliance and self-sustenance.

Independence of a Person

Personal independence is someone has everything to fulfill his/her all the requirements and has no need to rely on anyone else. Keeping in view of this definition one might think that living in modern world of globalization how one can be “Independent” ? How someone can not rely on other people while we all the people are considered as social animal.

Obviously yes, in terms of services, one can be dependent on other people. For example, if I am a blog writer but i need services of farmer to meet my food requirement. Similarly I need services of an Electrician for light, a Mason for shelter, a Tailor for stitching cloths and so on.

But in terms of having authority to decide and freedom of speech, one may be an independent. He might has enough resources to meet his own needs. He might buy all the services he needs.

Whereas practically an Independent Person is not Independent actually. He has to rely on someone for some reason. Lets take an example of Bill Gates. He has net worth of over 100 billion USD. He owns Microsoft corporation and over 140,000 employees. Bill Gates is considered as independent but actually he is not. He depends on his employees, his associates, technology changes, and the system of the state for lead generation. Every person, in my opinion, is dependent on other because this is era of specialization and everyone needs services of other’s specialization.

Independence of a country

There are two parts of definition of Independence of a country. First, country should has its own government and second, country is not ruled by any other country.

Now what is meaning of ruling ? One definition is “It means exerting power or authority”. Another definition is “The ruling group of people in a country or organization is the group that controls its affairs.”

So now we can understand the real meaning of independence of a country that is “if any country has its own government and there is no one from outside of country exerting power or authority or controlling its affairs”.

By this definition, how many countries are there in the world which have no external influence ?

How many countries are there which are supposed to be independent but they are dependent on IMF and World Bank for getting loans? Under Developed & Developing Countries –

They can’t make their own state’s policies without external power’s approvals. – Provisions –

They suffer undue restrictions on trade and international relations. – Imposed Sanctions

How many countries are there which are really listed as independent but they can’t breath like independent ? – Gray List – Black List-

How many countries and states are there which are independent but other countries can invade in and kill thousands of innocent people ? – Palestine – Kashmir – Iraq – Syria – etc.

Final Words

Actually there is no independence for them at all. Its all about might is right. History of Humans proved that they are cruel when comes in power (with few exceptions). They kill hundreds of thousands of people by dropping atomic bombs. Japan.2 There are so many battles and wars of humans in history. They can do what they want to do in their full capacity.

To conclude with, only might is Independent while rest of the world is struggling to be Independent.

Try to think about it and comment below with your opinion.

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Dilshad Zaman

Doctor of Pharmacy and Master in Business Administration. He loves to write articles on various topics.

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