PUBG mobile vs PUBG mobile LITE– A comparison of two games of same company

Although PUBG mobile and PUBG mobile LITE are two different games but they are of same category (genre). Tencent Games owns both games, one is lighter version and other is high graphic version named as “PUBG mobile”.

Why two similar games by same company?

One of the reasons probably, is to capture all target audience of playing games, either big or small gamers.

That means reaching to professional as well as non professional common people with low or high specifications mobiles.

The second reason may be an easy launch of a pre-existing product with a bit modifications in coding and graphics.

Where you can play PUBG game?

Apart from mobile devices, you can play PUBG game on XBOX, PC, PS4, and STADIA as well.

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PUBG mobile vs PUBG mobile LITE

1- Game Size– PUBG mobile vs PUBG mobile LITE

PUBG Mobile Lite has a download size of 514 MB and is currently only available on the Android platform (with the exception of some regions like USA and UK in which iOS versions are available). Whereas on Android, PUBG Mobile is about 2 GB in size, and on iOS about 2.36 GB.

2- Map Size– PUBG mobile vs PUBG mobile LITE

PUBG mobile has bigger map approx 6km x 6km compared to the 2km x 2km in PUBG mobile LITE.

3- Number of Players– PUBG mobile vs PUBG mobile LITE

The players are 100 in PUBG mobile compared to the 40 or 60 (varies in different countries) in PUBG mobile LITE.

4- Graphics– PUBG mobile vs PUBG mobile LITE

PUBG mobile has high graphics vs PUBG mobile LITE but the overall game experience remains same.

5- Power of Players– PUBG mobile vs PUBG mobile LITE

In PUBG mobile LITE the power of player is greater than in PUBG mobile. That means if you need, for instance 10 bullets to kill enemy in PUBG mobile you would need approx (with my experience) 15 bullets to kill enemy in PUBG mobile LITE.

6- Game Speed– PUBG mobile vs PUBG mobile LITE

PUBG mobile LITE is more fast than PUBG mobile because of reasons mentioned below:

a) Small map

b) Low height drop from plane

c) 40 or 60 players

It means, the overall game time is lesser in PUBG mobile LITE than in PUBG mobile.

PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite matches have a playtime time limit. Normal PUBG Mobile matches last about 20-30 minutes excluding matches that take place in Sanhok. PUBG Mobile Lite matches, however, are much more fast-paced and exciting as the matches last only 10 minutes.

7- Graphic Settings

PUBG mobile has more setting options in graphics, such as Colorblind mode (normal, deuteranopia, protanopia and tritanopia) and Style (Classic, Colorful, Realistic, Soft, Movie).

8- Royale Pass vs Winner Pass

With its launch PUBG Mobile launched the Royale Pass as a way for players to obtain additional advantages while playing. PUBG Mobile LITE has been seeking to offer the Winner Pass to its users with a similar experience. The only difference between the two is the name and the fact that, within a month, the Winner Pass will offer incentives quicker and it will overtake. And the Royale Pass will last longer depending on what the company has planned.

9- Colors

PUBG mobile carries more colors in the game than in PUBG mobile LITE.

But that doesn’t mean PUBG mobile LITE is colorless. In fact, I feel approx. same experience of PUBG mobile while playing PUBG mobile LITE.

10- UMP9 Gun

In PUBG mobile LITE UMP9 gun uses 9mm bullets while in PUBG mobile UMP9 gun uses .45ACP bullets.

PUBG mobile LITE: Android Download

If your mobile has less size of ram and you want to enjoy PUBG game then you should Download it from Play Store free.

PUBG mobile LITE: iOS Download

For iOS you can download and play on iPhone:

Download Pubg Mobile Lite iOS

PUBG mobile: Android Download

If you have higher specifications of mobile, you should download PUBG mobile:

Download it from Play Store

PUBG mobile: iOS Download

For iOS you can download PUBG mobile and play on iPhone:

Download Pubg Mobile iOS


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