Mobile Operators Stealing your Money due to Auto-activation of Value Added Services without your consent? Scam of Billions?

News Desk (Islamabad- Pakistan) – Billions of rupees suspected to be Stolen from Poor Pakistanis by Mobile Operators. Are Mobile Operators Stealing your Money due to Auto-activation of Value Added Services without your consent? The matter of stealing money, with auto-activation of value added services without user consent, is started in debate on social media when PTA has released its Notice to CMOs (Cellular Mobile Operators). PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) is a regulatory body for telecommunication system, its operation and maintenance and provision of services in Pakistan.

PTA took serious notice on receiving many complaints of users that companies are deducting their balance by auto-activation of some services without prior consent of users. These services are particularly third party based and may include games and other value added services.

The users also complained that these value added services are activated by mobile operators like in every month or two.
PTA has directed the CMOs that to send mandatory confirmation messages to their users to get explicit consent of users prior to activation of value added services.

PTA has taken serious notice of such complaints because activation of any Value Added Services without explicit consent of consumers is violation of Clause 9 (3) (vii) of “Telecom Consumers Protection Regulations, 2009”.
CMOs have further been directed to submit compliance report within three weeks from issuance of the order of PTA.
In its press release tweet, PTA seems hopeful that this step is expected to provide great relief to mobile consumers. PTA is committed to protect the interests of users of telecommunication services in Pakistan.

After the PTA tweeted its Press Release, many users commented on it and most of them were suffered from wrong deductions and they attached their screenshots of game service activations which they never activated.
Many users wrote that they have complained the wrong deductions to their respective Mobile Operators but they have rude behavior and never accepted their mistake.

Some users demanded that re-activation of any package must be stopped. Re-activation of any package must be only possible when user re-activate it.
While some users demanded that CMOs should reimburse all wrong deductions and stolen amount.

Scam of Billions ?

Keeping these complaints in mind let’s assume and calculate the intensity of fraud with consumers which can result in scam of Billion rupees.
According to the March-2021 data available on PTA website, there are 183 million (18 Crore 30 Lacs) people who use mobile phone.

What if, Cellular Mobile Operators (CMOs) deduct just Rs.1 from each user secretly every week ?

CMOs would get 183 millions (18 Crore 30 Lacs) rupees in their account every week.

And for a month it can become 732 millions (73 Crore 20 Lacs) rupees which in a year may extend to 8,784 millions (8 Billion 78 Crore and 40 Lacs) rupees.

It’s just 1 rupee deduction and what about 25 rupees deductions of Games which users are complaining for?

Let’s calculate this as well. According to same data on PTA website, around 100 millions (10 Crore 10 Lacs) people use internet in Pakistan. What if, CMOs would be deducting 25 rupees wrongly from each internet user by auto-activation of games or other value added services as complained, in every month or two ?

We assume two months for 25 rupees deduction, and it makes 2500 million (2 Billion 50 Crore and 10 Lacs) rupees
And for a year, You can’t imagine, it’s 15000 millions (15 Billion) rupees.


15 Billion Rupees of poor Nation..??????

What users are expecting from PTA to investigate this issue aggressively and for that purpose a third party expert team is suggested with its full authority.
Most of the people are demanding that all the stolen money should be reimbursed to all the affectees after the strict notice has been taken by PTA.
Some users are also demanding that CMOs should be fined for this illegal activity and Supreme Court of Pakistan should take action against this illegal deductions. Some of them are appealing to the Prime Minister of Pakistan for fair investigation of all Cellular Mobile Operators.

Are Mobile Operators Stealing your Money due to Auto-activation of Value Added Services without your consent?

If yes then comment us with your screenshots.


Muhammad Shehzad

Shehzad is an entrepreneur. He enjoys while writing about technologies. Badminton, Cricket, Counter strike and Mobile legend Bang bang are his favourite games to play.

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