Is it possible for a “school” to defeat a state? Beacon House

Is it possible for a “school” to defeat a state?

Beacon House’s name first surfaced on social media when pictures of mixed dance parties by students graced social media.

Then there were the screenshots of the textbooks taught there, which had maps of Pakistan showing Occupied and Azad Kashmir as well as Gilgit-Baltistan as part of India and in these books they were written as “Indian States”. And this issue was not limited to a single book but was in almost all the books of all classes against which social media, media and even the orders of the Supreme Court proved ineffective.

Armghan Haleem, a former Beacon House employee who raised his voice against Beacon House on social media, was severely beaten and even threatened with death for speaking out against such material.

Indian investment in Beacon House and its subsidiary The Educator was revealed. In 1996, the International Finance Group, a subsidiary of the World Bank, directly invested millions of dollars in these schools.

Beacon House is the most expensive school in Pakistan.

According to an estimate, Beacon House squeezes Rs 5-6 billion monthly and Rs 60-70 billion annually from Pakistanis.

It is owned by Begum Nasreen Kasuri, wife of former Pakistani Foreign Minister Khurshid Mehmood Kasuri, and is run by his son Qasim Kasuri. The family has become a billionaire thanks to this educational institution.

Khurshid Mehmood Kasuri is the same Sahib who resigned in protest against the 15th Amendment (Sharia Bill). (Perhaps hatred of Islam is in the blood of this whole family)

Beacon House, the pioneer of liberalism, draws at least 400,000 of its trained students into Pakistani society every year. These students belong to the highest classes of Pakistan, including big government bureaucrats, journalists, politicians, businessmen and elders.

The majority of these students who infiltrate Pakistani society are almost secular. They seem to be mocking all the ideas and thoughts on which not only our society stands but also on which Pakistan was built. The limit is that the majority of these students are kept almost ignorant of Urdu. (Which is the second most important component of Pakistan after Islam :))

The majority of these students belonging to the highest class of Pakistan are increasingly occupying the most important positions in Pakistan. A large part of the same class is also joining the army, which obviously does not go there to recruit soldiers.

If Beacon House continued to operate at the same pace, Pakistan would have become a liberal state in the next five to ten years, after which no one would be able to stop its existence from being torn apart.

You may remember the words of the famous arrested accursed Ayaz Nizami that …

… “We have infiltrated our sleeper cells (professors and lecturers) in your colleges and universities, which will destroy all the ideas of your new generation on which you people stand. They are enemies of Pakistan rather than Pakistan. They will reject your whole history in the name of courage and enlightenment. They will find India victorious and you conquered. They will see your enemy as a hero and you as a villain. They will think Pakistan ideology as superstition. They will shout slogans and they will call your elders fools. They will be suspicious of your messenger and will even doubt your God. “

Both the media and the Supreme Court seem to have failed to stop Beacon House’s war against Pakistan under the guise of “education”.

Only the people can chain this “monster” now. We have to do this together.

Beacon House will soon be approached again not only by the Supreme Court but also by patriotic media channels and the government from time to time.

Join us in this fight and copy this article and share it on your own pages and timelines.

Muhammad Shehzad

Shehzad is an entrepreneur. He enjoys while writing about technologies. Badminton, Cricket, Counter strike and Mobile legend Bang bang are his favourite games to play.

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