flight of valkyries

What does Flight of the Valkyries mean?

Valkyries have many powers, including being able to sense when their soldiers are dying.

Some Valkyries are also shapeshifters. In other words, it has the ability to transform into other forms. 

 In some myths, they have the power to put unfavorable warriors to death. Their most important power, however, is their ability to fly over seas and skies.

During the Valkyrie’s flight, they carry dead warriors and take them to Valhalla. 

 In Norse mythology and modern times, the Valkyrie’s flight is depicted in two ways for him.

  1. with the help of wings
  2. Riding a winged horse (Aragorn)

 Valkyrie flight with its own wings:

 Winged Valkyrie Flight 

 In the original mythology, the Valkyries themselves have wings. These wings are attached to her arms.

In this way they become very similar to birds. As such, black ravens are often associated with Valkyries.

 Legend has it that after the battle is over, these black crows fly with the Valkyries.

Here, the Valkyries carry the dead warriors to Odin with the help of these winged arms.

  These warriors then join Odin’s forces for the apocalyptic war, also known as Ragnarök.

  The remaining corpses of warriors not chosen by the Valkyries are eaten by these black crows after the Valkyries escape. Valkyrie Flight on Winged Horse:

 Aragorn’s Valkyrie Flight 

 In modern depictions, Valkyrie rides a winged horse called Aragorn. These winged horses were not part of the original myth, but were later added by Wagner in his 1851 opera.

 This is often shown in movie theaters. For example, in the 2017 release of Thor’s Ragnarök film, Valkyrie is shown riding the winged horse Aragorn. In flight, Valkyries on winged horses wield magical weapons called Dragon fangs.

Depiction of Valkyrie’s Flight in Opera:

Valkyrie Ride, also known as Valkyrie Flight, is the prelude to the third act of the opera.

This opera is the second part of his cycle of four operas known as the Ring des Nibelungen.

 These operas were composed by the famous German romantic musician Richard He Wagner in the 1850s and were performed in 1876.

 Acting as plays, these operas are loosely based on Norse mythology.

This was the first time Valkyrie was shown riding a winged horse or Aragorn instead of winged arms in flight.  Flight of Valkyries (Opera) Overview:

 Ride of the Valkyries Meaning of Opera 

 The story of Ride of the Valkyries or Escape of the Valkyries is about his two brothers who are also twins. Siegmund and Siegling. These twins were separated at birth and fell in love when they met.

 The gods decided that brother Sigmund must die for his shameful act.

However, a Valkyrie named Brünnhilde tries to save her. She carries a pregnant Sieglinde instead of a warrior on her flying horse. 

As punishment for this act, she was banished from his community by her father, Wotan. and carried her to a mountain surrounded by fire.

 Valkyrie’s flight ends when her father Wotan kisses her daughter’s eye and orders the fire god Loge to set fire to the mountain where her daughter lies.

Valkyrie Wings Tattoo (Valkyrie Flight Symbol):

Norse mythology isn’t as popular as Greek mythology, but modern movies like the MCU, mainstream media, and social media are giving it the recognition it deserves.

Valkyrie’s winged symbol is his one of the most famous symbols of modern times.

People around the world who are interested in Norse mythology have this symbol tattooed on their shirts and body parts.

Representing the flight of a Valkyrie, this Valkyrie winged symbol symbolizes many of the core virtues and values ​​that Vikings aspire to. These core values ​​include:







free spirit

The origin of these Valkyrie symbols, which represent Valkyrie flight, is unknown.

However, it is believed that these wings primarily represent the speed at which the Valkyrie flies over water and air.

Musical use of Opera Flight of Valkyrie:

This opera “Flight of the Valkyrie” is often used in film music. The birth of the nation in 1915 is the first example of this.

That was the beginning of silent movies, but Flight of the Valkyrie did a good job.

But the best use of this opera as music was in the classic 1978 film Apocalypse Now, by sound engineer Walter Murch and director Coppola.

The film brought Valkyrie’s epic flight back to life.


Valkyries are more than just servants of the supreme god Odin.

Valkyrie flight is not only a symbol of speed and destiny, but also of courage, courage, free spirit, honor and most importantly feminism.

Therefore, people are very attracted to it.

The warriors had great affection for these Valkyries, and their greatest wish was to be carried into Odin’s Great Hall by a flock of Valkyries.

This gave them courage and bravery in battle and was also the reason they are one of the greatest soldiers in history.